About Us

Through the years, Semicolon completed a variety of projects in the field of programming and digital transformation for both public and private sectors in 7 different nations around the world, where it turned its customers ideas into reality, and helped them manage the process of going digital which has become a global quality standard. Semicolon's cyber-security team has worked with giant companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Avira, Opera, LinkedIn, Blackberry, E-bay in order to make their services more secure, which in turn, rewarded the team and listed Semicolon on the Hall of Fame, and recently, the team was contracted to pen-test the new under-construction version of Facebook before it goes live through a contract between Facebook and Semicolon cyber-security team. During 2019, Semicolon officially launched Bugreader.com the first global platform for security researchers and bug hunters.

Our Services

Cyber Security

We'll discover your system security threats using a systematic penetration test done by our expert team

Artificial Intelligence

We operate Machine Learning and Neural Network Technology to build an intelligent models for your business

Digital Transformation

Web-based systems, mobile and desktop applications to ensure a smooth digital transformation for you company.

Countries We Worked In

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Project Process



Fully Responsive & Mobile Ready

Software Engeneering

We follow these methodologies: Waterfall & Agile.

Back-End Languages

PHP V7 for Web, Java & Kotlin for Android, Swift for IOS.

Native Back-End Code

We don't use frameworks, our softwares are built from scratch.


HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax.

Security Procedures

Prevent Injections, XSS, RCE, CRSF and other expected attacks.


Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and external services.

Permissions Network

Highly secured permissions network designed for business hierarchy.

Excellent User Experience

We focus on details, user experience is our priority.

Our Team

Fayad Atwi


Kassem Bazzoun

Security Team Leader

Mohammad Atwi

Web Team Leader

Mohammad Fneish

Artificial Intelligence Team Leader

Mohammad Darwich

Android Team Leader

Mahdi Al-Fakih

Desktop App Team Leader

Hassan Taleb

IOS Team Leader

Moamel Tooma

Financial Manager

Joe Balhis

Security Team Member

Majd Dhainy

Security Team Member

Hadi Zeinddin

Security Team Member

Hassan Badran

Security Team Member

Hussein Atwi

Software Engineer

Bassem Bazzoun

Software Developer